frizpack, frisure de calage

Protect everything

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A unique filling,
multiple protections.

Friz.Pack offers a strong and elegant shredded crinkle paper filling,
available in 15 different colors :

Protect everything

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A unique filling,
multiple protections.

Friz.Pack adapts to all types of items.

Frisure de calage colis, corbeille et coffret
frisure de calage


Soft and flexible, Friz.Pack is an efficient padding system that protects and secures your products.
Ideal for transport, Friz.Pack absorbs any shocks for all items, heavy or fragile.

frisure pour colis


Shredded crinkle paper is clean, makes no dust and is also antistatic. Its crimped texture and its many available colors will make your display classy and attractive.

frisure eco responsable


Made from kraft paper and natural wood, Friz.Pack stays true to its eco-responsible approach.

Friz.Pack added value:

Easy to store,
shipped compressed in a box.
Brand marketed exclusively by Bambou France Packaging.
Sale reserved for professionals.
échantillon frisure de calage

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